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Ostara is inspired by the Berkana Institute ‘Two Loops’ model. We act as a bridge between the current dominant paradigm and an emerging paradigm that is in service of life.
We work to mobilise resources from the current system to support pioneering individuals and organisations who are bringing the new paradigm into being. We help connect them and form communities of practice that can dream and grow the new into existence.

We hold immense gratitude to the great ongoing work to reconnect people to nature, and the wisdom of many indigenous communities who have always recognised we are part of the web of life.

Ostara is emerging as another strand in that web, nurturing and weaving together with others, the emerging movement of ideas and organisations ‘being’ and ‘doing’ in harmony with the earth.

Team Ostara

Modern life, grounded in rationalism and separation, often robs us of our attention. Ostara aims to encourage everyone to reconnect with themselves, each other, and the world around them. Here, we aim to regularly share resources to inspire and support your individual and collective journey toward reconnection, remembering and reimagining.

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