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Three Things – Podcasts

Image Credit: James Wainscoat / Unsplash

There is a growing number of podcasts dedicated to building deeper connections with the world around us. While we will feature more in the months ahead, here are three that have particularly inspired us as we have been setting up Ostara:

The Spaceship Earth

Hosted by the engaging Dan Burgess, Spaceship Earth features conversations with artists, writers, designers, activists, scientists, social entrepreneurs, adventurers, healers, storytellers, farmers, and creative mavericks. The stories that emerge aim to inspire the co-creation of a more beautiful, life-sustaining culture. The podcast title is inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s quote: “We are not going to be able to operate our Spaceship Earth successfully nor for much longer unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common. It has to be everybody or nobody.”


Hosted by Alexa Firmenich, Lifeworlds is a wonderful podcast series inspired and guided by nature. Firmenich engages in intimate dialogues with farmers, lawyers, scientists, investors, indigenous scholars, artists, and others who have learned to be in closer relationship with the lifeworlds of nature. The podcast explores topics such as financing nature recovery, coping with climate grief, and lessons from the lives of fungi. Her belief that “by restoring our relationship with nature, and learning what it is to be nature, we begin to restore ourselves” deeply resonates with Ostara’s mission.

The Long Time Academy

Curated and hosted by the amazing Ella Saltmarshe, The Long Time Academy is a six-part series focused on understanding deep time and what it means to be a good ancestor. The podcast features insights from scientists, politicians, economists, artists, philosophers, lawyers, and indigenous wisdom-holders. Each episode includes a short practice to experience what Saltmarshe calls “timefulness,” which is increasingly important in a world compressed by the heaviness of the news, the frantic pace of modern life, and constant deadlines. This series is well worth exploring.


These podcasts are all excellent resources to slow down and deepen your connection with the animate world and inspire a more thoughtful and connected way of living.

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