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Weaving ourselves
back into the web of life.

Why we exist

Ostara is emerging…. We aim to help restore our relationship with nature and spark new collective thinking and dreaming. We want to inspire, nurture and connect ideas and organisations on the same path, and co-create a thriving, joyful future in service to the web of life.

Ostara creates collective opportunities and experiences that invite us to:

Reconnect – to the earth, ourselves and each other. We create spaces for ritual, ceremony and embodied practice.

Remember – our deep interconnection with all life. We embrace old and new knowledge, including that deep within our bodies and our ancestral stories that have too often been lost.

Reimagine – the world we live in. We revisit the current systems and collectively dream new possibilities in service to all life.

How we act is as important as what we do.


We remember our kinship with all life and grow rooted in community.


We embrace nature’s rhythms, co-create with the flow of life and evolve organically, recognising change is the only constant.


We kindle our fierce love for the earth and act with compassion.


We harness the power of imagination to dream new possibilities.

Our Name

Ostara comes from the Anglo-Saxon goddess, Eostre, who represents spring and new beginnings. Ostara became the name used for celebration of the Spring Equinox, a time of year when life emerges anew from the compost of the old, a time connected to fertility, community and the earth.

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