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Supporting the Emergent System

Supporting the Emergent System

We need a new economy to emerge that prioritises life and sustainability. There are so many wonderful organisations working within this space but many need strategic support to amplify their impact, connect beyond their immediate networks and ensure their longevity. Ostara is bringing our skills, experience and network to fill this gap. Our partnerships with Embercombe and Singing with Nightingales are examples of this work.

Embercombe: A Sanctuary for Connection and Growth

Embercombe is a charity situated on a 50-acre rewilding estate near Dartmoor in the South-West of England. Its mission is to foster deep connections to oneself, nature, and the community through a variety of programs, courses, and events held throughout the year. Its enchanting location offers a unique opportunity for people to reconnect with nature—both the external wilderness and the wildness within themselves. To breathe, reconsider, regenerate, and relearn, ultimately discovering the unique gifts they have to offer.

Ostara has been begun to engage deeply with Embercombe over the last few months to bolster its planning, delivery and outreach. The team recently played a pivotal role in organising a 25th Anniversary celebration at Embercombe bringing together 250 people to celebrate through ceremony, song, dance, and deep dialogue. Ostara is now supporting Embercombe to enhance skills and capacity and build a strategic plan to guide the Centre into its next 25 years, which promise to be filled with growth, connection, and a deepening commitment to nurturing both nature and the human spirit.

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